Our Goal

To offer a wonder drug called ‘HOPE’


We guide and teach natural energy therapies giving you a scientific understanding and skills to heal your body without medicines

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A systematic holistic approach focusing on treating your whole body and not just the disease...

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Welcome to Monisha’s Mantra

At all levels of existence we are a complete product of nature. Mother Nature has bequeathed upon us the unique ability to heal from within through our cells. Each cell is the power house of energy. The prevention as well as the curing of all the disorders in our body takes place right inside the cell. So, we have to activate our Infinite Cellular Healing System.

We endeavor to positively transform the lives of individuals through our UNIQUE INTEGRATED CELLULAR HEALING program. We have blended various energy healing systems to create a magical alchemy which helps the individual in developing a positive attitude towards Healthy Living bringing about a perfect coordination between body, mind & energy levels.



Being a psychologist and a trainer myself have conducted and attended several workshops, I found this one to be very unique because it covers overall development of an employee.

- S. Sadashivam

Thanks for arranging such a highly motivating, relaxing and assuring talk on Nature. Monisha & team were effective (at least potentially) with the techniques presented. There was definite sense of conviction with the way "Su Jok" was introduced to a "novice" audience like us.

- Anirudh Sunder

It was pleasure to participate in the workshop and we are sure that all the participants have enjoyed it. We wish you grand success in the efforts taken by your team for the contribution in making this world a better place to live in.

- Sandarbha Scinfotech Pvt. Ltd.

Why choose us

  • No medicines...no side effects.
  • We offer detox treatment after being on medications for years...
  • An anti-ageing treatment that is beyond just skin treatment...