The human body is an amazing machine that is constantly building, restructuring, repairing, and healing. There is great potential to modify lifestyle factors to improve the health and well-being of this machinery without using medicines.

We provide specialized, integrated treatment programs that are based on many years of research by Dr. Monisha. With her wisdom and experience, she tries to tap into the power of your mind and align it by way of training and programming into initiating the healing process.

Major health Implications
Pain Management
Respiratory Disorders
Hormonal Disorders
Children’s Disorders
Alimentary Disorders

Nutritional Healing

We leverage our years of research and experience and prescribe natural foods to reverse health disorders. Our diet plans are customized according to your health issues. We help you adapt to healthy eating habits to keep your energy balanced and thus helping you reverse the health disorders and stay healthy.

Mind Programming

Our mind programming sessions help you hit the ‘reset’ button by tapping into hidden subconscious mind power. You will feel empowered to fulfil your ambition, find purpose, and be in control of your emotions, relationships and health.

Sujok therapy

sujok therapy is a wonderful, drugless Korean therapy invented by Prof. Park Jae Woo, an eminent philosopher and scientist. According to Sujok, our body is represented in miniature form on our hands & feet which is the remote control to influence our whole body and cure diseases. The treatment's aim is to balance the imbalanced energy with simple tools like seeds, colors, magnets, needles, moxibustion thus harmonizing the energy on physical, emotional and mental levels.

Smile Taiji

Smile Taiji a dynamic form of meditation, through smooth subtle movements incorporated with breath seeking to restore equilibrium of the mind – body.

These spiral movements of our body helps in activating and normalizing:

  • metabolic processes
  • blood circulation
  • nervous conductivity
  • immune system
  • endocrine hormonal secretions
  • along with conditioning our ligaments, muscles and loosens the stiffness of our joints

Twist Therapy

It is a therapeutic method for self-treatment by reviving the natural flow of energy in the body. It employs safe and easy body twist motions and postures for treating as well as preventing health disorders.

Chakra Healing

Each chakra in our body is associated with a particular organ of the body and gland. When the body’s chakras are out of balance, they cause disease. We help you to achieve open and balanced chakras so that you can enjoy a more productive, healthy and stress free life.

Yoga & Pranayam

Yoga is an Indian healing practice that involves physical poses, meditation, and deep breathing exercises to achieve physical and mental strength, balance, and flexibility. Our purpose is to help you incorporate yoga and pranayama in your daily life routine to promote holistic health thus preventing serious lifestyle diseases as well as reversing illnesses.


Acupuncture is an ancient healing science based on the theory that the body’s vital force, energy or qi flows along invisible pathways called meridians. Disease occurs when there is a blockage of energy or qi in these meridians. Acupuncture therapy is a method of releasing the blocked qi with the help of needles, acupressure, moxibustion, cupping and electric current.

Mudra Therapy

Did you know? The nerves in our hands interact with each other impacting the nervous system. Mudra therapy is known as wellness in your hands because a mudra is a hand position or gesture which helps in regulating the energy flow in the body. It engages both the mind and body thus helping in calming the mind as well as restoring physical health.

Online Sessions

With the arrival of new advanced technologies, online sessions helps to simplify and facilitate the lives of many patients! The benefits of online therapy remain the same as traditional therapy. The aim of our online sessions is to help everyone reach out to us from any corner of the world.

Smile Meditation

Smile Meditation is a simple holistic way to create an awareness of the smile world within and around us. This mindful smile meditation helps us in relieving our stress and suffering thus restoring our overall health and wellbeing.