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Experience a New Way to Heal as we guide you through transformative states of mind using Sujok Therapy. Uncover solutions, ignite inspiration, and create outcomes aligned with your best self.

Our Vision is to empower all to reach their full potential through Sujok Therapy, fostering personal greatness for a better world. Join us on this transformative journey!

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How can we help you?


Healing, initiated by the activation of transformative change, can be experienced by the flow of energy that slowly moves us towards better awareness of self, promoting an intentional approach to self-improvement and wellness. At Monisha's Mantra, we make a difference by being agents of change and transformation in order to initiate the process of healing.

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Monisha's Mantra has been conducting powerful transformational workshops where individuals learn to cure their physical, mental, and emotional disorders. We deliver integrative & customised workshops wherein we teach the science of healing the human body using the power of nature in and around us. The program is structured around clinically proven techniques that results in both tangible and intangible benefits.

Hear Dr.Monisha talk about our simple natural ways to stay healthy.

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Health Awareness

For over 15 years, we have been conducting health awareness programs to promote our belief that the body is designed to heal itself. We help people in building positive outlook towards life that can help them achieve their peak performance in professional as well as personal life.

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Monisha’s Mantra

At Monisha’s Mantra, we harness the power of our body to heal itself through the energy that flows within it. We focus on developing a holistic health and wellness approach in the patient’s life so as to bring about a permanent positive life transformation.

For any disease to be cured and treated permanently, it has to be uprooted not only from our physical body but also from our mind. We focus on this metaphysical aspect of the treatment, which helps us to cure you from within. At Monisha’s Mantra we follow an ideology:


To make a genuine contribution in transforming this world a better place to live in... by helping everyone realise the importance of healthy living.


We intend to spread the awareness of our body's miraculous self healing system & its immense power to every soul on this planet earth.

Healing With Lifestyle Restructuring

The human body is an amazing machine that is constantly building, restructuring, repairing, and healing. There is great potential to modify lifestyle factors to improve the health and well-being of this machinery without using medicines.



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Enabling good health and well being is our way of giving back to the society.

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