Pruritus (Itchy Dry Skin)

As hormone levels plummet, skin can become dry, slack, thin, and may notice more hair on face and less on scalp.

Pruritus is a dry itchy skin condition which affects many women in their menopausal stage. The good news is there are lots of natural choices to take care of the beautiful skin.

Menopause and Itchy Dry Skin – The Hormone connection

The female reproductive hormone, estrogen is responsible for triggering the body’s production of collagen and body’s oils, that keeps the skin moist and supple. During the perimenopause and menopause stage there is reduction in the estrogen levels. This results in reduction of collagen and oils which leads to dry itchy skin.

At our `Monisha’s Mantra`, we have helped women overcome their dry itchy skin condition Treating without Medicine and without any Side-effect; in the following manner:

  • Follow healthy diet high in vitamin C and omega-3-fatty acids, 2-3 helpings of fruits and salads, greens, sprouts, flaxseeds, millets, nuts. Avoid processed foods and refined sugars
  • Reduce intake of caffeine and alcohol which dehydrate the skin
  • Avoid hot water showers or bathing because it robs the body of natural oils
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest
  • Drink 12-14 glasses of water daily
  • Daily routine of brisk walks, yoga, pranayama, smile meditation helps in regulating hormones and stay healthy
  • Sujok Therapy –
    1. Magnet Therapy – Daily apply bar magnets on the outer side of index and small finger for 2 hours (as shown in Pic.1)
    2. Acupressure – Massage the ovaries and uterus corresponding points on the palm with thumb and fingers for a minute, 4 times daily (as shown in Pic.2)

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