Before the bones become hollow, protect them

If the beginning of mild pain in the bones in any part of the body, then be Careful and Alert.
Osteoporosis is a chronic bone condition caused due to loss of bone density. Bone density is the amount of minerals (mostly calcium and
phosphorous) in bone tissue. For our overall well-being bone health is important and loss of bone density leads to weaker bones, increasing the risk of bone fractures. Gradually osteoporosis leads to chronic pain and limited movement, thus disturbing our daily routine.

Risk Factors

  • Advancing age 
  • Women in their menopausal stage due to hormonal deficiencies
  • Vitamin D and calcium deficiency
  • Unhealthy food habits
  • Sedentary lifestyle

At our `Monisha’s Mantra` we treat Osteoporosis problem, with aims to maintain healthy Bone Density in the following manner, without having Medicine, without Surgery and without any Side-effect

  • Stop carbonated and caffeinated beverages because they drain the calcium from bones making them weak 
  • Increase vitamin D and calcium levels by: 
    • including dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, lentils, soya, pearl millet (ragi), nuts and seeds. 
    • Regular walking for half an hour in sunlight
  • Yoga – Daily practice of yoga has shown positive results for reversing osteoporosis
  • Sujok Therapy
    1. Acupressure – Move Sujok ring in each finger with slight pressure, from tip to base for 20-25 times. For good results do it 2-3 times daily (as shown in Pic 1)
    2. Twist Therapy – Gently twist all joints of hands and feet, 4 times clockwise and anticlockwise, 2-3 times daily(as shown in Pic 2)

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