Bleeding Piles

Can Piles kill you ?

Hemorrhoids commonly known as piles occur when the blood vessels mainly the veins located in the wall of the lower rectum and anus become swollen and twisted. Hemorrhoids is a very common condition which is painful and irritating, making the daily activities uncomfortable.


  • Internal hemorrhoids develop between the Anus and Rectum (anorectal junction)
  • External hemorrhoids develop around the Anal opening

Thrombosed hemorrhoids happen when either the internal or external hemorrhoids are filled with blood clots. When these blood clots become too full of blood they bleed.


  • Obesity
  • Chronic constipation
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Low-fiber diet

At our `Monisha’s Mantra`, we have helped many individuals to get rid of their Bleeding Piles/Thrombosed Hemorrhoids; without Medicine, without Surgery and without any Side-effect, in the following manner:

  • Healthy lifestyle changes:
    – Diet – include more of fibrous foods like fruits, salads, lentils,
    whole grains, millets, nuts and seeds
    – Drink minimum 10 glasses of water
    – Limit intake of caffeinated beverages, milk products, packaged
    and fried high-salty foods
    – Increase physical activity in the form of regular walks, yog-


  • Sujok Therapy:
    – Acupressure – Place the thumb on palm in between middle
    and ring fingers and remaining 4 fingers at back of palm. These
    are corresponding areas of rectum and anus. Give pressure on
    both sides for a minute, 4 times daily ( as shown in Pic 1)
    – Color Therapy – Daily apply black color on the acupressure
    points(front and back) of rectum and anus (as shown in Pic 2)

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