Heart Health

Heart Health

Natural ways to boost, without Medicine and without any Side-effect (V)

Covid-19 is basically a respiratory infection but research studies have shown that it is affecting the heart. Post-covid-19 infection can result in inflammation and weakening of heart muscles.

Common symptoms of Heart related issues

  • Chest pain and heaviness
  • Breathlessness
  • Dizziness and discomfort
  • Dip in oxygen levels
  • Excessive perspiration

The cause of heart problems post covid-19 infection is due to the inflammatory response of the body’s immune system which can damage healthy tissues of heart and the inner lining of blood vessels. This causes inflammation and weakening of the heart muscles and also damage the blood vessels. It results in reduced blood and oxygen supply to heart and the rest of the body, as well as blood clots which can lead to heart attacks and heart failures.

At our `Monisha’s Mantra, Mumbai`; we has been instrumental in guiding patient online/offline, for boosting Heart Health post Covid-19, by natural ways of taking care of the heart in the following manner, without any Medicine and without any Side-effect

  • Include more of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and legumes because they are full of antioxidants.
  • Maintain a regular exercise regime because it strengthens the heart muscles and helps in reducing stress.
  • Daily practice Apaan Vayu mudra for 15 minutes, twice daily.

Sujok Therapy

1. Acupressure – Stimulate heart point on palm with thumb for a minute, 4 times daily.

2. Seed Therapy – Apply dried green pea (vatana) on the stimulated heart point daily at night.

Monisha Rawat - Founder of `Monisha`s Mantra`, Mumbai; M.Sc., M.D. (Alternative Medicine), Life Coach, Master in Sujok, Consulting Nutritionist, Corporate Trainer, Holistic Counselor, Sujok Diabetes Specialist, International Lecturer for
Sujok & Smile Taiji.

Certified Expert in Preventive care of COVID -19 from World Health Organisation (WHO)

Certified Expert in Break the Chain of COVID – 19 from MBRU of Medical and Health Science, UAE

Certified Expert in Epidemics, Panademics & Outbreak from University of Pttsburgh

Certified Expert to promote `Safety` against COVID-19 from All India Institute of Public & Physical Health Sciences (AIIPPHS), India

Award winner of Inernational Women Excellence Empowerment Award (WEE) – 2020 as a RISING STAR

Award Winner as a BEST PERFORMING TEACHER by International Sujok Association (ISA) – SIC 2019 NATIONAL EXCELLENCE HEALTH AWARD – 2019

An ISO Certified Center at Mumbai.

Mulund - 8655139777/ 9029960086, Goregaon – 8422947592/982034359

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