Thyroid disorders – Diabetes

Thyroid is more dangerous for Diabetics patient

Research studies have found that Thyroid disorders and Diabetes tend to co-exist in many individuals. Growing evidence suggests a link between these two conditions, which are an endocrine dysfunction. Diabetes increases risk of thyroid disease and thyroid disease increases risk of diabetes.

Relationship between Thyroid disorder and Diabetes

Thyroid gland plays major role in glucose metabolism and pancreatic function and so thyroid disorder can affect the blood sugar levels
increasing risk of diabetes and creating difficulty in managing sugar levels in diabetic patients.

High levels of circulating insulin related to insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels affect functioning of thyroid gland.

At our `Monisha’s Mantra`, we have been successfully Treating and helping many individuals, to reverse both Thyroid disorder and
Diabetes in the following manner, without any Medicine and without any Side-effect:

  • Reducing weight is very important part of treatment. Physical activity in the form of regular brisk walks, twice daily and practice of Yoga-pranayama is helpful
  • Reduce stress with daily Smile meditation and Smile Taiji
  • Stop eating high fats, packaged foods. Include apples, pears, plums, citrus fruits, salads, greens, beans, legumes, sprouts,
    brown rice
  • Quit smoking
  • Sujok Therapy:
    1. Acupressure – Massage the corresponding thyroid points on the inner lower side of thumb with diagnostic probe, thumb, pen, pencil for a minute, 4 times daily ( as shown in Pic 1)
    2. Massage the corresponding pancreas point on the left side of palm with probe, thumb, pen, pencil for a minute, 4 times daily (as shown in Pic.2)

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