Covid Toes

Covid Toes

Natural ways to Treat, without Medicine, without Surgery and without any Side-effect (XVII)

Recent research studies are coming up with new findings on the many side-effects of Covid-19 infection beyond lungs and heart. It includes the lingering inflammatory skin condition called Covid Toes. It affects the skin of toes and fingers but more common on toes. Covid Toes can last from 6 weeks to longer duration.


  • Painful red rashes with swelling
  • Discolored itchy and rough skin
  • Blisters or pustules may also appear on fingers or toes

Natural Treatment

At our `Monisha’s Mantra` we Treat and help individuals about their skin infections-Covid Toes in the following manner, without Medicine, without Surgery and without any Side-effect.

  • To remove the toxin overload from the body, which helps in reducing the inflammatory condition of the skin; we should have:
    • Excess fiber in diet by eating more of fruits, salads, vegetable juices, soups, sprouts, nuts and seeds.
    • Avoid spicy, fried and packaged foods, tea, coffee, alcohol, sweets.
    • Drink 10 – 12 glasses of water, daily.
    • Physical activity in the form of stretching exercises and regular walking.
    • Regularly do Smile meditation to manage stress.

Sujok Therapy

1. Color Therapy – Apply black color on the 2nd and 3rd toes of both feet, which are the corresponding areas of fingers and toes.

2. Seed Therapy – For cleaning the body system and reducing the constipation condition, apply dried green peas (vatana) in between the middle and ring fingers on either side of hand.

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